myCOINFREE is the debit/credit payment authorization service providing a secure, fast, and convenient payment solution for Consumers.  As well, myCOINFREE is an effective back-end reporting system for Route Operators using Coin Free Credit Card Acceptors and vending devices.
my coin freeLess work is realized through the myCOINFREE network.  Accounting, sales and maintenance reports are dynamically created and updated daily through your secure myCOINFREE account.  The Coin Free Credit Card Acceptor relays maintenance needs and product restock requirements to your home, office, or personal phone through, email, and text messaging.
In addition to securely authorizing credit and debit card payments, myCOINFREE allows access to machine and sales data for business management through full, back-end reporting.
Reduce theft, fraud and vandalism
  • Less cash is stored in the machine and handled by route service personnel
  • Cash management and auditing is simplified through cashless settlement
  • Employee Accountability; know how much money should be collected and returned
  • Mandatory service button tracks routs employees along the service route
  • Tamper and Maintenance alerts every time the machine is opened
Financial Accountability
  • Online access to Daily Sales Figures
  • Cash, credit & debit sales reports
  • Monitor location sales performance
  • Analyze consumer spending habits
  • Credit/Debit sales deposit directly
Less Work
  • Product Restock Alerts
  • Machine Maintenance Alerts
  • Simplified business management, auditing, and tax reporting