Coin Free = Security For Your Business

vuwi secureCoin Free is quickly becoming an industry innovator in transaction security.  Our new technology is the safest, most secure option for your business.

The Secure VUWI® Swipe Option

In addition, if the VUWI® model you have selected has an optional credit card swipe you will find that it is the most advanced swiping technology available today.  The VUWI swipe is equipped with a MagneSafe™ IntelliHead, which is currently used primarily on ATM machines.  The MagneSafe™ IntelliHead is more than just a magnetic read head.  It delivers unmatched protection from the inside by capturing more robust magnetic information for next generation security solutions.  All of its processing power and communication circuitry is located within the mounted authentication sensor.  As a result, the MagneSafe™ IntelliHead sets new standards for small size, enhanced security, and excellent environmental resistance.  In addition, the VUWI incorporates the MagneSafe™ card and Data Authentication System.  This encryption is a preventative measure that protects cardholder data at rest and in transit at various points through the payment infrastructure.  The multi-layer security of MagneSafe™ adds the unmatched protection both cardholders and relying parties require through sophisticated card, device and data authentication methods that assure a valid transaction.

Community Peace of Mind

Something that money cannot buy.  A community of merchants accepting credit cards through the VUWI can help bring peace of mind to each community member.
  • Community members can carry less cash and no need for a bulky wallet full of plastic.
  • Ladies can leave their purses at home, all they need is their cell phone.
  • No bulky wallets, no purses, no targets for the local snatch and grab.
  • Reduce targets results in less crime and more peace of mind.

Parental Peace of Mind

Currently many parents provide their children with cell phones.  They provide phones to allow their child to summon help in an emergency and to simply keep in touch with them.  Most carriers have special plans available for children that help a parent in their efforts to keep their children sage.  Having the VUWI shopping applet on a child's phone adds several more tools to their parenting arsenal.
  • With the VUWI shopping applet parents need not worry about their child losing their lunch money or being stranded without emergency funds.
  • Parental controls mean that parents can provide their college bound young adults with available credit and limit the amount of available credit by transaction, by day or by month.
  • Through the VUWI e-mail notification feature, parents can see exactly what their children, teens, and young adults are spending their money on, and where.
  • Parental controls means a parent is able to review how their child spends money and teach them about the problems of impulse bying and how budgets work.
  • If you want more information on the use of cell phones and your child, try the following:
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