Going Green with VUWI®

vuwi greenDespite the half-century dominance of plastic for electronic payments, the format has never been perfect.  For starters, cards are made from a petroleum-derived product, so their use is environmentally unfriendly.  One billion credit and debit cards are in the hands of American consumers.  Eventually, those will end up in the country's landfills.  And the number is only increasing.  It doesn't have to be that way if you VUWI®.  No cards.  No cash.  No problem.  What could be greener?
The environmentally friendly VUWI facilitates face-to-face transactions while leaving a limited paper trail.  Although the retailer may print receipt for their records, there's no need for the consumer to have a paper receipt that just gets lost or thrown away.  The phone stores the receipt with additional copies stored on the consumer's account at myvuwi.com.  No plastic, no paper, no problem.  When it comes to going green every little bit helps.