The VUWI® community is about security, convenience and savings.  This community is supported by Coin Free and its B2B partners.  Their common goal is to bring the latest secure technology to their consumers while fighting the scourge of identity theft and the blight of credit card fraud.  These two criminal activities hurt us all - they cost millions every year and those costs are born by retailers, merchant banks and the consumer.  So our partners have eagerly joined Coin Free's VUWI community.  In doing so they also benefit from the VUWI community.

For Merchant Banks

vuwi partnersBy simply accepting and promoting the VUWI culture in their advertising programs they are acquiring new retailers, eliminating liabilities and encouraging consumers to use their credit cards more often.  They are also supporting their merchants who wish to stay on top of the latest payment trends.
Remember, when a Retailer uses the new VUWI for credit card acceptance neither the retailer nor their employees ever handle the consumer's credit card.  This eliminates any opportunity for misappropriation of the consumer's credit card information.
Also, when the Retailer acquires a VUWI they are acquiring the latest in credit card acceptance technology and becoming compliant with the latest banking security requirements.
And yes, the Merchant Banks are becoming green.
As the VUWI community grows, they will need to issue fewer plastic cards.  In addition they will never have to install expensive Near Field Communication (NFC) chips into their credit cards.  Saving both themselves and their merchants millions of dollars each year.
For the phone companies and mobile carriers - who are participating in the VUWI culture - by assisting in the deployment of the VUWI applet to their customers, they are gaining loyalty and appreciation.  The VUWI culture adds one more reason to the necessity of having a mobile phone.  It helps carriers show their potential customers even more advantages to having a mobile phone and a good usage and data plan thereon.  While the carriers deployment cost is virtually zero they are able to participate in offering mobile commerce services:
  • Without additional equipment or added costs to their handsets
  • Without involvement with banking or banking regulations
  • Without any banking responsibility or short term financing
  • Without any collection responsibility or liability
  • While adding new income stream possibilities, like added GPS services for finding stores with the best VUWI coupon offers or payment terms; new data product offerings to generations X and Y who want to use the VUWI, but who otherwise are not interested in data plan for the Internet.
  • The VUWI community is about security, convenience and savings.
  • And all of our B2B Partners are enthusiastic about the growth of our community.