vuwi companyCoin Free is a Florida based company providing credit/debit and loyalty card services that allow the cellular world to connect with and affect the real world of commerce.
More specifically, Coin Free designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes devices and software to support the acceptance of credit/debit/loyalty cards. Coin Free also provides a complete back end gateway service for the processing of credit/debit/loyalty cards tendered through its payment systems.
Its gateway service is provided in its capacity as a certified value added reseller (VAR) for Chase Paymentech, one of the country's largest merchant banks, and a business unit of J.P. Morgan Chase.
Coin Free's patent pending payment system allows consumers to make purchases using their credit/debit or loyalty cards, and the Virtual Universal Wireless Interface or VUWI® which allows a consumer to make purchases using their cellular telephone.
The products and VUWI community information contained on this website are attuned to our current deployment of the VUWI in the United States.  However, the points made are valid value propositions for any country in the world.  Future overseas deployments are expected since the final analysis, the following can hold true in every country:
  • The consumers already have the necessary hardware in their hands
  • The merchants can adopt the VUWI for less than the cost of a cell phone
  • The phone carriers do not need to add costs to their hardware
  • The banks do not need to deploy expensive NFC cards
  • The existing infrastructures can be used to grow mobile commerce
  • The VUWI community will bring Security, Convenience, and Savings to consumers